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Founder of Eagles Word PublishingWelcome to Eagles Word Publishing!

It is my desire to see men and women of God fulfill the vision God has placed in their hearts to share with others through the written word.

I began Eagles Word Publishing several years ago, at the time when it was difficult and costly for people to produce their written work.  In fact, Eagles Word was not at that time a publishing company, it was a word processing venture. I first began creating flyers, letterheads, newsletters and other business material for those in the Body of Christ.

However, it was always my vision to write books, and also to assist others who wanted to do the same. Thank God for good friends, for that’s how I got started as a publisher.  One of my friends wrote a book, and entrusted me with its formatting and publishing.  This greatly encouraged me, and other friends were referred to me from time to time.

Even though we are not a big company, everything we do is done in excellence.  I am committed to treating all my clients with patience, love and professionalism.

As you take a look around in my site, I sincerely hope you are encouraged to step out in faith to fulfill your vision.  There is something inside of you that comes so naturally to you, you may take it for granted.  However, it is a unique gift given to you by God, and you in turn become a special gift to someone else.

The mission of Eagles Word Publishing is to assist those of you who have written down many thoughts and ideas for books and/or poems but have not taken any further steps to complete your vision. The time is now! I will treat each work as an assignment from our Lord and you and your work will be given individual attention.

I will work with you to come up with a satisfactory budget for your project so that God can be glorified.

Let Eagles Word Publishing be the wind under your wings and let us soar with the eagles as we are called to do.  Without any further delay, fill out our Contact Form and let us be of service to you.  We will respond to your request within 24 hours.

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